See Eggasus electric pod car in Fort Lauderdale, Florida August 1

Front and back views for the yellow Eggasus electric car

Local Florida entrepreneur demos futuristic electric pod car

Attend a demonstration of the Eggasus electric vehicle, Wednesday, August 1, 2012 from 10am to 12noon.  The demo takes place at Dan’s Fan City, 10800 Pines Blvd. #11, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026, Tel (954) 443-7716. Jimi Jeremias, the manager of Dan’s Fan City, is a 15 year entrepreneur in electric vehicles.  He plans to showcase the vehicle for the store’s advertising while introducing the concept of an efficient, economical, ecological vehicle for urban transport.


  • Eggasus electric vehicle (EV) Demonstration


  • Wednesday  August 1,  2012, 10 am to 12 noon


  • Dan’s Fan City, 10800 Pines Blvd. #11, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026, Tel (954) 443-7716; For more information, call Eggasus corporate offices at  (707) 228-5630


  • Jimi Jeremias has been involved in the electric vehicle industry for over 15 years. Currently manager of Dan’s Fan City in Pembroke Pines, Jeremias noted that everyone knows that electric cars are the transportation of the future, but the problem is most of today’s electric vehicles just cost too much.  “The Eggasus, which costs less than the average golf cart, is completely affordable and if used in conjunction with rentals or as an advertising bill board, can pay for itself in a matter of months,” he says. “Just having the Eggasus in front of the store, has increased curiosity and traffic for our ceiling fans”


  • First public demonstration of innovative, small-footprint electric car; “The reason we decided to come out of our shell, is to show off the prototype.   You may have seen the USA Today headline that said tomorrows cars are going to be smaller and smarter— why not today?” said Jeremias. “We are seeking partners in three areas:
    1. Corporate partners to use Eggasus as an advertising billboard;
    2. Sales and Rentals;
    3. Investment to increase production”




About eggasus

Our mission to create a vehicle for the future today with zero emission, an eye-catching, out-of-this-world design, to move you quietly from place to place or building to building in comfortable all-weather enclosure.
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